Known today as Hammond Castle, located on Hesperus Ave. in Gloucester, Massachussetts. The Castle's actual name is Abbadia Mare (Abbey by the Sea). The Castle was built between 1926 & 1929, by John Hayes Hammond, Jr. using stone from the surrounding area. The Castle, however, was never finished, Mr. Hammond stopped construction when his wife passed on. Inside the Castle you will find stone pillars, gravestones, artwork, furniture, the facade of a French Medieval Village and various other relics from the renaissance back to ancient Roman Times. From the great Hall, which is home to a massive organ, of Mr. Hammond's design to the courtyard that has the look of a french Village and can create almost anything from broad daylight at night to a monsoon from the rain forest. Next to the dining room is the Library which has its own secrets. The areas allowed to be seen are the areas that were open to the public when Mr. Hammond was alive. The Front of the Castle faces the ocean and a small stone island where the wreck of The Hesperus was said to have occured. Some of Mr. Hammond's inventions are on display in a room off to the right of the courtyard. This Castle/Abbey is a magical place that is full of history of the world. Imagine the stories it has to tell. Unfortunately like many old structures things can wear away. The Castle requires both maintenance and repair if other generations are to enjoy this Historical place. The Abbadia Mare Festival is a fund raiser for the Hammond Castle Museum. On the dates stated on the homepage, please come and support us at our small ren- festival. You will have vendors from all around, great food and you can interact with our actors or listen and watch the shows! A tour of the Castle will be available to you if you wish. If you want a more personal touch, try and find me Arthur "Bumbly" Phinn a storyteller and I will tell you a tale. Good Day to you all, and we hope to welcome you at Abbadia Mare Renaissance Festival.
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